Tips and Suggestions

This will be a work in progress.

As I use the app and figure some better settings.  For example, one of the things I've noticed is that three seconds between drills is not a good setting for all drills.  Last night, 02-13-2010, I went through a bunch of drills and reset most of them.  Some of the suggestions I'll post here.  If you have one and we consider it worthy we will add it here.


  • When naming your drills take into considerations that you will be performing drills not only on the apps targets but also on real life targets.  I use the * to set them apart.  Even though its the same drill the times will be hugely different, the app's targets been smaller will refine your technique and usually take more time... at least that is what is happening to me.
  • Use numbers at the end of it to know the order in which to set the times.

  • I'm keeping my first repetitions, warm up and .01 and .02 above, to 5, and the rest I keep in ten.  That way I work on them and save time for other drills.

  • Use the circle target to start out.  Make sure to always practice at the same distance.  The Circle Target is a great starter Target.  It provides a nice wide circle, easy to drive your sights into.
  • Use the Black Center Target to drive your front sight into it.  Make sure the front sight covers the black center square.  If you prefer use the White Center Square
  • When using the apps target place a real target behind it.

Setting up Your Drills
  • When setting your Restart Drill, give yourself enough time to be ready.  When you are about to compete you do have some time to get your head ready to perform.  Do the same here.  We are looking for quality reinforcement through repetitions.  Good muscle memory.  I'm setting Restart Drill to 00.04.00


  • Use the same name of the drills you've created to keep them organized.
  • You can name your drills for specific purposes, Monday Morning Drills, Daily Mantra, Competition Warm-Up

  • Since I wear glasses I have a 2Y maximum distance, otherwise I will not be able to see the messages.  Always keep the same distance.
  • Leave messages that help you out.  If you are practicing the draw, you can leave a message saying:  Baseline, Shoulder Still, Move Elbow Only.