This drill was created o practice the reload.  It is meant to be worked in a smooth manner.  Meaning we are not looking to do it fast.  Smooth and smooth gets you to speed.  I was pretty tired when I took this footages.  It was the last video of the day.  Remember, the intention of the demo of the demo is to demonstrate the app's ease of use with live targets.


W Hand Draw

This video was created to work and strenthen your weak arm.  The repetitions on the video have been lowererd.  You can raise them to ten.  Settings are on the video.


S Hand Index

This drill was created to work and strengthen your strong arm.  The repetitions on the video have been lowered.  You can raise them to ten.  Settings are on the video

Sight Index Video

Its taken me all day.  Recorded quite a few drills, using the app's target and with live targets.  This is the first one.  Remember this is mean as a demo so the repetitions have been kept to a minimun.

PS; Cut me some slack this is my second video.  Enjoy


All right everyone

I know that when you first hear about the app you might think that its just a gimmick. In order to dispel that idea I've created a small video, using the app and running a drill.

This was shot at my local club.  Now I don't have the greatest camera, as a matter of fact i think that my wife won it at a raffle.  Video quality aside the apps ability to be part of your training is what you should be concentrating on.

Hope you enjoy it and I'm hoping to hear your opinions on the app.