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First of all let me tell you that I'm not a firearms instructor and have not won any national or regional competitions.  I have owned firearms for the past twenty something years and in June of 2009 I took the safety check for IPSC and competed a couple times.  It was my intention at first to compete in a very infrequent manner.  However the more I participated the more hooked I became.  I began to look for more and more economic ways to train.  I bought a .22 conversion kit for my Glock, which I highly recommend, as a training aid.  I purchased a training trigger that allows me to pull the trigger without having to move the slide.  I've bought books and dvds.  I would like to also recommend Refinement and Repetition: Dry Fire Drills for dramatic Improvement by Steve Anderson.  The format for the drills is one that I highly recommend and is one that I borrowed.

I read somewhere that Dry Firing for 10 minutes equalled 500 rounds in the range.  Now maybe it was the gullible or the cheapskate in me but I thought to give this training technique a go.  In my defense I will say that I had not ever competed in any shooting sports so I had never heard of the technique.  It wasn't till much later when I really started digging for more information that I realized just how important it is to your training regimen. 

I bought a timer to help me with my training early on but realized that I wanted something more something very programable, that offered visual aids and maybe some commands.  I wanted something that help recreate the moment before the match started as close as possible.  As time when on a more clear image of what I wanted formed and it ended in the product before you.
Please comment on the product and let me know which drills you are practicing and the improvement the app is having in your training.

E. Colon

All measures of safety are to be taken when dry firing.  Follow all rules as if you were in the range.
1.  Treat firearm as if it were loaded.
2.  Do not point it at anyone.
3.  All ammunition has  to be taken out of the room in which you practice.
4. Visually inspect that the firearm and any magazine which you are planning on using on your practice is unloaded.
5.  You are responsible for your safety and those around you.


Anonymous said...

when will it be in regular android market?

zanthor said...

Once a drill is started, how does one abort it?

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