Dry Fire App - How to set a Regimen

Regimens is another are were the app really shines.

Tap on the Regimen tab at the bottom of the app.  Tap the (+) plus icon to add a Regimen.  If you read the How to for the Drills then you should have five Drills ready to go and a perfect example of what the app can truly do.  Tap on the name field and write 2-YARD INDEX.

Hint - Knowing copying and pasting saves lots of time here.

Next you will see a Check Mark and next to it Select Drills.  Tap on the Check Mark.  This brings up all the drills you have created.  The drills created last will show up here first - newest first.  You will see a blank circle and the drill next to it.  Tap on the circle to choose the drills.  In this case choose all five created in the How to for the drills and hit Done on the top right hand corner.

You are back on the Edit Regimen screen and you will see that they are now sorted by the order in which they were created - oldest first.  This is the default order in which they will play.  You will see that now each drill has a gray out "message" and an On/Off option.

Note: The three lines to the right of the On/Off switch are so you can move the drill to a different position if you so choose.

What I want you to do is:
Tap on the gray out message for 2-YARD INDEX 1 and type: NO PAR TIME.

Tap on the gray out message for 2-YARD INDEX 2 and type: .2 Above Baseline

Tap on the gray out message for 2-YARD INDEX 3 and type: .1 Above Baseline

Tap on the gray out message for 2-YARD INDEX 4 and type:  Baseline

Tap on the gray out message for 2-YARD INDEX 5 and type: .1 Below Baseline

Now tap on all of the On/Off switches and turn them On.  You should see them change to On with a blue background.  Remember to tap save.

You are done.

You have now made it possible to play each one of those drills back to back, just by hitting play on that particular Regimen.  The message I had you entered helps but you can leave yourself other messages.  "Move elbow only", "Watch your Stance", Weight on Heels"  Whatever you want to remind yourself of some area you've noticed that needs constant reminding.

What other Regimens can you create?
-  Regimen to warm Up before a match?
-  Regimen to stretch arms and legs before a match?
-  Regimen for Reloads?
-  Monday Morning Regimen?
-  Monday Afternoon Regimen?
-  Your Sons or Daughters regimen?

It really is whatever you want to set up and whatever you can come up with.


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