Finding your Baseline

The key to establishing a proper format for your drills is finding your baseline.  What is your baseline?  Your baseline is basically the fastest time it takes you to perform the drill you want to do flawlessly.

Example Drill
Turn & Draw.
Target:  Full size, 10 yards from shooting position.
Procedure:  Face up range.  Hands on the surrender position, on signal, turn and engage the target pulling trigger twice.

Name: Turn & Draw
Time Start: Random
Time Min: 00.01.00 Time Max: 00.03.00
Target Start: Off
Audio Start: Choose both Command and Beep
Target Stay Time: 00.00.00
Target Re-Appear Time:  00.05.00
Restart Drill In: 00.04.00
Drill Duration: Repeat 10

Ok so that is the drill.  Now you need to perform this drill lowering your time until you get to a point were you are not performing well.   Target Re-Appear Time (Your Par Time) is set to five seconds.  This is the setting you need to lower until you find your baseline.  Lower it by -00.00.10 hundredth of a second until you reach your baseline.  

You need to find this for each and every drill you perform regardless if you are using the app or not.  If not, how are you going to measure your progress?


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