Correct Procedure?

I just got done doing some morning drills.  I have the drills set up for the draw and some of them are meant for the app targets and some of them are meant for life size targets.  I'm doing the drills with life size targets and I noticed that I was pulling the trigger too fast.  I wasn't sure if I had the sights aligned on that first shot.  I needed to correct this and make sure that I always had a perfect sight alignment before pulling the trigger.

I was doing 50 reps of the Draw from the surrender position at 10 yards from a live target.  The 50 reps were set on five drills of ten reps each.  I was doing the last drill when it dawn on me.  The PAR time for my baseline on that drill is 1:30.  That is supposed to mean that I can draw from surrender, draw the firearm and align the sights.  I don't have to pull the trigger.  So on those last drill I pull the trigger after the PAR sounded.  I noticed that for those last reps my sights were always aligned.  With time that par should go down and my first shot should be faster.  I think the most important thing is that if I keep practicing firing the shot after the PAR the accuracy should improve and so should improve my overall technique.

Remember I'm not an instructor nor do I claim to be one, these are the things I'm noticing from my training and they work for me.  We are all different and if they work for you great.


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