Dry Fire App - How to set Drills

I've set this blog to help answer questions and listen to your suggestions about the app so lets get started.  So you downloaded the app or are thinking about it and you are wondering how it works.

When you first download the app your Drills screen and your Regimen screen will be empty.  Don't worry we will help you fill those really quick.  There is a certain strategy when building your drills.  Doing is the best way to learn so follow along.

On the Drills screen - which is empty - tap the plus icon (+) on the top right hand corner.  Now you are in the Set Drill screen.

Tap the empty field with the gray out Drill Name. Type in 2-YARD INDEX 1.

Note:  In case you don't know.  After you write the name you can come back and while pressing and holding down the name you just wrote a looking glass will pop up.  If you let go you will see a couple of choices.  Select all then copy.  This will help you save some time.

Time Start
The default is Instant.  Tap Instant and you will see some choices.  Tap to choose Random.  A row will appear with Time Min 00.00.00 and Time Max 00.00.00.  Tap on the numbers 00.00.00.  Use the wheel to choose 00.01.00 (1 second) for Time Min and 00.03.00 (3 seconds) for Time Max, tap Done on the right hand corner to confirm and exit back to the Set Drill screen.

Note:  00.00.00 = Min.Sec.Hundredth.

Target Start
Tap the target icon.  Find and choose the Circle target.  Make it as big as it will go. Tap Done on the right hand corner to confirm and exit back to the Set Drill screen.

Audio Start
Tap the space next to the play button.  Choose both, the Command and the Beep. Tap Done on the right hand corner to confirm and exit back to the Set Drill screen.

Note:  White letters and black background means selection has been chosen.

Target Stay Time
This setting lets you choose for how long the target will stay up in the screen.  Tap on the numbers and use the wheel to choose 00.02.00 (2 seconds).


Target Re-Appear Time
This setting will be left at 00.00.00

Note:  This setting is used to set a Par Time.

Restart Drill in
Tap on the numbers and use the wheel to choose 00.03.00 (3 seconds).

Note:  This setting will let you set the time in which the next drill is set to begin.

Drill Duration
Tap on the numbers and you will get some options.  Tap Repeat, choose 5, tap Done on the right hand corner.

Note:  Repeat lets you set an exact quantity of repetitions.  Duration lets you set your drill to run for a specific amount of time.  If the time runs out while a drill is playing it will finish that drill.

You have just finish setting your first drill.  This drill is design to help you acquire your sights in a very consistent manner.  Keep the height of the app the same.

Procedure:  Stand 2 yards from target.  Arms At Side, face target.  On signal acquire sights.  Do not pull the trigger.

Couple of things to take care of:

First:  Run the drill and answer the following.  Do I have enough time in between the drills to re-holster the weapon?  If not adjust the Restart Drill in setting to increase or decrease it.
Second:  Now you need to find your baseline.  Your baseline is your individual capacity to fully complete a drill.  That is to say without any mistakes.  Your grip was on the money when you grasped it the first time.  As it rose you were able to effectively place your support hand in the correct position then moved forward to let you acquire the proper sight picture to call the shot.  I agree with Steven Anderson when he says that you have got to be absolutely honest with yourself about it.  It is the foundation of your dry fire practice.  Change the time in Target Stay Time up or down until you are able to perform the procedure and find your baseline.  Write it down, we will need it later.

Note:  You will find that the app requires a more refined control of your technique so your time performing this drill on the app might be higher than on a target.  Don't worry about it.  You'll see.

Now that you have your your time in between drills and your baseline figure out it means we can move on.

What you need to do now is go back into this drill you created - 2-YARD INDEX 1 - and change the Drill Duration from five (5) to ten (10).  Now I want you to create four (4) more Drills with the exact same settings - except that you are going to leave Target Stay Time blank, we will change that later.  That should bring your drills to a total of five (5).
You should see something like this:


Once you have all of them made, go to:

2-YARD INDEX 1 and change Target Stay Time to (3) or (4) seconds.  I always mean for my number (1) drill to be a warm up, so if your baseline is (3) or (4) just make it a couple of seconds higher than your baseline.

2-YARD INDEX 2 and change it to .20th hundredth of a second higher than your baseline.

2-YARD INDEX 3 and change it to .10th hundredth of a second higher than your baseline.

2-YARD INDEX 4 and change it to your baseline.

2-YARD INDEX 5 and change it to .10th hundredth of a second below your baseline.

You can now play each and everyone of them in a consistent manner.  Take a moment now and play through each of them or move on to the Regimen.


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